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Frequently Asked Questions on GLOBAL VILLAGE CHILDREN

Q: What does GVC stand for?

A: It is short for Global Village Children. The name comes from the idea that the world may seem big, but it is very small considering we are all similar. With technology and transportation, we are more connected like a village.

Q: How can I become a donor and support the cause for Global Village Children?

A: Just click on the “Donate now” button on our Join the cause page and fill out the form. We thank you for supporting the cause of GVC and kids.

Q: Can I get a tax write off for my donation to GVC?

A: Yes, Global Village Children is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit/NGO in the U.S. and as of January 2014, the Dutch Tax Service (Belastingdienst) has granted Global Village Children the status of ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling – A Public Benefit Institution). All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt when you donate to GVC. For further questions please enquire via our contact us page.

Q: What kind of nonprofit is this?

A: We are a Charitable/Humanitarian Nonprofit/NGO foundation. Our Mission is to offer our years of experience in this line of work to achieve children’s social and emotional development by helping schools worldwide implement Emotional Intelligence into their curriculums, in order to ensure a proper PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) Education for the children’s future.

Q: Where do you have these after school programs?

A: GVC initially started in Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States as a test site; with the intention to learn from the model and quickly replicate across North America and worldwide. Our organization has recently made Den Haag, The Netherlands its global base.

Q: Where will the EQ specialists be coming from? And will they be paid?

A: We are always on a global search for qualified individuals in this area, having a passion for working with kids 3-18 yrs old, as well as supporting the cause of Global Village Children. Although some workers of GVC are volunteers, the EQ staff is/will be salaried professionals.

Q: How will you evaluate the success of your organization or program?

A: We have ongoing evaluation of our EQ trainers and professional staff, the programs, exercises and activity we give children by outside certification agencies. Parents are also given surveys to provide feedback to our organization’s effectiveness in their child’s EQ development.

Q: How will my donation money be spent?

A: When you click on our “pay it forward” button, you will get a chance to select the area you would like to donate based on our needs. You can also see join the cause page for various funding areas. Your money will go in the area you choose, and when we send you a tax write off receipt in January, the area/category of donation will also be highlighted. If you give as a grass root donor, your money will go to general operations of the center or whichever category needs it most.

Q: Can I track the progress of your programs?

A: Yes, you can track a specific area of GVC; simply write to us by going to our contact us page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, where we update all donors and our communities of our progress and upcoming news.

Q: Does this organization have religious or political affiliations?

A: No, GVC is non-religious and non-partisan. We are simply a humanitarian and charitable organization that aspires to improve the future of our society by promoting the proper development of emotional quotient (EQ) along with IQ of children aged between 3-18 years through structured programs and proven educational methods. Our methodologies are based on centuries of research and we do not include belief systems in our curriculum as we believe that is an area for the children’s parents and the children to decide.

Q: Is Sukai Ceesay available to speak to media or at an event?

A: Yes, Sukai has a passion for Global Village Children and would love to talk about it. You can schedule with Sukai by clicking the contact us page and sending a request or calling us.