Welcome to Global Village Children! Parent organization of Purpose4Boys, Inc.
A Pioneer in EQ development for children as part of a complete curriculum.



A unique, non-profit organization, GVC is a pioneer for Emotional Quotient development by helping schools integrate emotional intelligence into their traditional curriculum for ages 3-18 years. We also extend our mission to parents and families, thereby ensuring at-home reinforcement of these important lessons.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to use emotions and our instincts effectively to assist thoughts and understand feelings of one’s self and of others; Emotional Quotient (EQ) is how one measures EI. Traditional schools today rely solely on a system that does not address EQ in its curriculum.



EI is a natural language that is universal irrespective of gender, culture, age, religion and origin. The programs that are uniquely created by GVC have a community impact and also create a powerful global platform where future Global Citizens can proactively come together to create a world of understanding, empathy and united strength.

A wealth of research has shown that high IQ alone does not guarantee an individual achieving success or happiness in life. GVC strongly believes that its structured programs (taught in a classroom set up including practical exercises, games, seminars, CDs and videos) will infuse balance in the educational and emotional development of children. A properly developed and nurtured EQ directly results in people who are self-aware and confident.

With the mission of Global Citizen preparedness in mind, GVC combines pivotal findings from science and research. Our structured curriculum and afterschool programs are developed through careful guidance and collaboration with leading emotional intelligence institutes, developmental experts and the experience and wealth of knowledge of GVC’s board and staff. Uniquely tailored to schools and communities, GVC’s comprehensive and holistic approach will educate children on the life skills that will shape their future and the future of those around them.


Born in The Gambia, West Africa, Sukai Ceesay describes herself to everyone she knows to have always been interested in human interaction. She gained world views in theory from an international education background and literally by travelling the world. As a young adult, she moved to the United States, where she finished high school and attended Eastern Michigan University (EMU) where she studied Urban Design and Planning for Bachelors. She did a bridge study for her Master’s degree with EMU and The University of Michigan in Industrial Engineering, and then gained business acumen at Harvard Business School during her Executive MBA. She credits her better awareness of the world to her childhood fascination with human interactions, a thirst to learning and travelling.
Eventually, this passion lead her to become a certified EQ professional who participates in industry events to stay current and nurture Emotional Intelligence development.

Having been invited to do so, she is now contributing her knowledge and background to help formulate a foundation for practicing medicine using emotional intelligence at Harvard Medical School.